Suffering with Dry Eye?

There is hope! Whether you've just discovered that you have dry eye or you are a dry eye veteran, there are treatments and medications available.

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Why do I have Dry Eye?

From autoimmune diseases to medication side effects to vitamin deficiencies, there are a lot of causes of dry eye. We'll help you explore these and find the root cause of your dry eye.

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Supplements and Dry Eye

There are many supplements available that can help with dry eye. Omega 3 oils can help increase tear production as well as increase the quality of the oils secreted by your eyes.

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All Dry Eye Blog

Visit the All Dry Eye blog, where we explore everything related to Dry Eye. Learn about new medications, study results, clinical trials and more!

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About All Dry Eye is your resource for information about dry eye disease. We hope that you will use this site as a resource to explore treatments for dry eye that you may not have encountered before. As dry eye sufferers ourselves, we know how frustrating dry eye disease can be. After suffering with dry eye disease for a long time, we felt it would be good to put together a resource online that others can use to find some relief from their dry eyes.

This website should not take the place of your eye doctor or other primary medical professional. We recommend consulting with your doctor if you are interested in any of the treatments or supplements featured on this website. We are not doctors, instead we are patients like you who are out of patience with dry eye.